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The lighting lifter is a lifting system which is installed under the ceiling.It is using for UP and DOWN all kinds of lighting for daily maintenance,eg changing bulb or cleaning.

The lighting lifter is composed of Electronic Control Circuits and Mechanism Driving System.

The Electronic Control Circuit is composed of electronic host and remote controller.The function of the remote controller is UP,DOWN and STOP;The electronic host is for automatically stop when the lifter is on top,lower limited position,weightless,overload and power off.The host keeps the memory of lower limitedposition if you set,too.

The Mechanism Driving System is composed of motor,gear,groove,winch cable,transformer,electromagnet.We use touch board to supply the power from hoist to chandelier.The upper touch board is at the bottom of the hoist,and the lower touch board is at the terminal of the steel cable.The wires of the chandelier are connected to the lower touch board.When the lower touch board meet the upper touch board,the chandelier is power on;For maximum safety,electrical current to the chandelier is automatically disconnected while the fixture is lowered.There is no risk of electrical shock while cleaning or changing bulbs.
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